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Tuesday 3 Aug
(Central European Summer Time)
12:50. Welcome
13:00. Plenary 1: Clare Grey (University of Cambridge, United Kingdom)
New magnetic resonance methods for studying batteries in and ex situ
13:45. Bernhard Blümich (RWTH Aachen University, Germany)
Intro Paul Callaghan Young Investigator Award
13:55. PCYI 1: James Eills (University of Mainz, Germany)
Singlet-contrast imaging for hyperpolarized MRI
14:20. PCYI 2: Jiangfeng Guo (University of New Brunswick, Canada)
Laminar flow characterization using low-field magnetic resonance techniques
14:45. PCYI 3: Magdoom Mohamed Kulam Najmudeen (NIH, USA)
A new approach to mesoscopic brain imaging using diffusion tensor distribution (DTD) MRI
15:10. Break
15:20. PCYI 4: Neil Robinson (University of Western Australia, Australia)
Functional group resolved nuclear spin relaxation in porous media
15:45. PCYI 5: Gonzalo Gabriel Rodriguez (University of Córdoba, Argentina)
Fast field-cycling MRI: Exploring new physical contrasts
16:10. PCYI 6: Vencel Somai (University of Cambridge, United Kingdom)
Numerical optimization of MRI pulse sequences
16:35. Invited 1: Carl Michal (University of British Columbia, Canada)
Low-field NMR and MRI: A D.I.Y. journey
17:00. End day 1
Wednesday 4 Aug
13:00. Plenary 2: Klaas Prüssmann (ETH Zürich, Switzerland)
13:45. Invited 2: Gisela Guthausen (Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Germany)
MRI in chemical engineering: The impact of mechanical forces on material properties
14:10. Invited 3: Jonas Kind (Technical University of Darmstadt, Germany)
Coffee stains, euro bills and NMR spectroscopy – or Examination of droplet evaporation using NMR and MRI
14:35. Break
14:45. Invited 4: Marion Menzel (Technical University of Munich, Germany)
15:10. Invited 5: Martin Bruschewski (University of Rostock, Germany)
15:35. Invited 6: Maja Musse (INRAE Bretagne-Normandie, France)
16:00. Break
16:10. Invited 7: Manisha Aggarwal (Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, USA)
Diffusion microimaging and brain tissue microstructure
16:35. Invited 8: Samuel Grant (Florida State University and NHMFL, USA)
MR microscopy at 21.1 T and above: ex and in vivo experiences
17:00. PCYI Winner